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The Perfect Steak Dinner

The Perfect Steak Dinner 1 Tbone Steak... 1 Package Polish Sausage 1 Head Crisp Lettuce 1 Ripe Tomato Homemade Ranch Dressing Sizzle the Steak and Saugsage on The Barbeque Grill Enjoy! Click to Learn More!!! The Barbeque Grill is Dedicated to Indoor/Outdoor Grilling This site is being created on the web for the purpose of telling the story about the modern day Barbeque grill. There is much more to the grill than one might imagine. Each Sunday, grillers from around the globe gather together with their ritualistic aprons and tongs in hand, and being the arduous and demanding process of creating that special piece of burned food that will be devoured by the throngs and revered by many as the best possible way to live. Cold beers in hand and gritted teeth, these unsung heroes do their best with their grills and attempt to do the impossible. Grill food that is both appealing, palatable and gets rave reviews by even the pickiest of family members. Oh yes, trying to get the baby to ea


   BUY THE BARBEQUE GRILL!!! INDOOR/OUTDOOR GRILLING!!! ANY TIME OF DAY!!! ANY TIME OF YEAR!!! CLICK NOW TO BUY!!!     The Barbeque Grill : The Barbeque Grill is dedicated to indoor outdoor grilling at its finest

$135 for a Barbeque Grill?

Are You Insane? Can you believe that these guys can advertise a barbeque grill for a huge $135 price tag pinned to it? I guess you think I am certifiably insane because I can go to any Wal-Mart in the country and buy one of these for about $50, right? Actually, I did go to and type in indoor/outdoor grill. I found one there that was about $42. It was a nice looking little grill that runs on batteries or charcoal. It is called a travel grill. Here are some of the details: PORTABLE GRILL: This compact, travel-friendly BBQ grill system is made for convenient grilling at home or during your next camping trip; travel bag and tongs included SUPERB SMOKE REDUCTION: The pan and dripping tray design eliminates oil and fat drips on the coal, resulting in over 90% smoke reduction POWERED BY USB CABLE OR BATTERIES: Use 4 AA batteries or the included USB cable to power up the turbo fan which keeps the charcoal burning when grilling CAST-IRON GRILL: Superior heat retention